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Stanthorpe YMCA Supported by Council

The Stanthorpe YMCA has decided that they will open the way for a new operational model for the facility and have asked Council to support the facility until new operators are found. A tender process will be developed to find an operator for the facility. Council envisages that the forthcoming tender will incorporate both the indoor recreation facility and the operation of the Stanthorpe Outdoor Pool. 

Council has agreed to support the facility to ensure the service remains in place for the benefit of the community.

The Stanthorpe YMCA will work with Council to transition the indoor sports facility as part of the tender process. To ensure a seamless and harmonious transition, the project management plan has been developed to meet that need.

Council will place staff within the facility to get a better understanding of the services and the business, which will assist in informing Council when preparing the tender documentation.  Over the next 6 months to the end of 2017, Council will fix issues in the building that are either related to safety or legal requirements, such as the operation of the fire alarm.

The tender is being drafted with a focus on transitioning the jobs of all staff where possible.

Both the Council and the YMCA board are optimistic about the future of the facility and are looking forward to working together.

It is not Council's intention to operate the facilities or the outdoor pool in the future; rather it is Council's intention to identify an operator through a tender process that will deliver effective services to the Stanthorpe community. 

Council officers are currently preparing a tender that will seek contractors to manage both the outdoor pool and the Talc Street facility. It is likely that this tender will be advertised within the next six weeks.

“The Council appreciates the excellent work that has been undertaken by the Stanthorpe YMCA Board members, past and present, as well as the contribution made by staff,” said Southern Downs Mayor, Tracy Dobie. “I’m looking forward to seeing the facility and the outdoor pool continue to operate successfully for many years to come, with key services being delivered to the Stanthorpe community.”

Council anticipates a smooth transition of services and a competitive process for the operation of both the indoor sports facility and the outdoor pool.

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