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Council combats graffiti at Mt Marlay

Armed with a high pressure cleaner, staff from Southern Downs Regional Council’s Parks and Gardens department have successfully removed the majority of graffiti from granite rocks at Mount Marlay lookout, discovered last week.

The defacing of the rocks at Mount Marlay was reported to and confirmed by Stanthorpe Police last week, and attracted attention across the local community.

 Southern Downs Portfolio Councillor for Community, Towns and Villages, Sheryl Windle commended staff on their efforts to combat this senseless vandalism.

 “Council staff responded quickly following news of the graffiti incident, and it’s great to know that they were able to remove almost all of it from the rocks. However, it’s hugely disappointing that it happened in the first place.

 “It is hoped that the offenders in this latest incident will be found and strongly discouraged from carrying out further acts of vandalism.

 “Each time something like this occurs in public spaces and to facilities or equipment, Council, and ultimately the community, incurs the cost to fix the damage. This often includes call out after hours, cost of material, labour for replacement, not to mention the lost time as staff are taken away from other scheduled works.

 “I would encourage anyone that sees a crime in progress or has information about a crime to report this to Crime Stoppers, which can be done anonymously, as this could be the key to finding the offenders,” she said.

 Cr Windle also highlighted that Council is keen to partner with schools, businesses and community groups across the region to raise awareness about graffiti and the impacts it can have on urban and regional areas.

 “Council has graffiti removal kits available free of charge to schools, businesses and community groups, which we hope will enable those partnering with Council to remove any graffiti they have identified in their particular areas, and in doing so help both Council and the community combat graffiti,” said Cr Windle.

 The graffiti removal kits include removal products, personal protective equipment and information fact sheets and are available from Council’s Stanthorpe and Warwick community contact centres. Schools, businesses or community groups wishing to obtain a kit need to complete a ‘Graffiti Removal Kit Release’ form.

 Residents can fight the war against graffiti by calling Crime Stoppers in Queensland (1800 333 000) to report graffiti on public or Government owned assets and facilities. Damage to personal property (e.g. fences, etc.) should be reported directly to Policelink on 131 444.

 Removal of graffiti from Mt Marlay

 COMBATTING GRAFFITI: Council staff removing graffiti from granite rocks at Mt Marlay with a high pressure cleaner

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