Public consultation to determine future location of Glengallan Gates

Public consultation will be undertaken by Southern Downs Regional Council to determine the future location of the Glengallan Gates, currently in place at Leslie Park, Warwick.

This decision was made at a Special Council Meeting held today, during which Council considered a request from Glengallan Homestead Trust to relocate the Glengallan Gates located at Leslie Park, Warwick to the Glengallan Homestead.

The Glengallan Gates are located at the south-western entrance to Leslie Park, Warwick. The four sandstone pillars and the iron gates were gifted to Council by the then owner of Glengallan Homestead, Oswald Slade, in 1940 to mark the centenary of the Leslie Brothers settling in the area.

The Glengallan Homestead Trust is seeking the return of the Glengallan Gates to the Homestead for its 150th anniversary later this year.

Southern Downs Planning and Property Portfolio Councillor Neil Meiklejohn said in terms of current planning requirements, the gates are not a building and as such the Planning Scheme does not apply.

“Whilst the Planning Scheme does not apply to this proposal, and there is also no particular requirement for public notification, given the prominence of the gates and the length of time they have stood in Leslie Park, coupled with the knowledge that there are differing opinions in the community about whether the gates should stay or be relocated, Council has decided to invite feedback from the public to inform its decision,” he said.

“The Glengallan Homestead Trust has indicated that if the proposed relocation proceeds, they would cover all costs associated with the relocation of the gates to the Glengallan Homestead and the reinstatement of the Leslie Park memorial site, along with interpretive signage.

“Council encourages the community to get on board and have a say about the proposed relocation by making a submission during the public consultation period,” said Cr Meiklejohn.

It is anticipated that the public consultation period will open on Thursday, 16 March 2017 for a period extending at least 15 business days; however, further details about the public consultation will be made available on Council’s website.

The public consultation will include:

  • Placement of a sign on or near the gates advising of the proposal to remove the gates from Leslie Park;
  • A public notice published in a local newspaper advising of the proposal and that submissions about the proposal can be made to Council during a period extending at least 15 business days after publication of the notice;
  • Media releases; and
  • Information on Council’s website.

Council has received previous requests for the gates to be relocated back to Glengallan Homestead. Previous Council decisions to retain the gates in Leslie Park were based on factors including that the gates were gifted to the Warwick community; the condition of the gates and whether they would be damaged during the relocation process; the extensive period of time that they have been in Leslie Park and are now part of the heritage of Leslie Park; and the impact that the removal of the gates would have on the aesthetics of the Park.

If you require further information, please contact Council on 1300 MY SDRC (1300 697 372).

The Glengallan Gates located in Leslie Park, Warwick

Glengallan Gates Leslie Park Warwick 1


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